Merlot ARPG


World of Merlot ARPG is an ARPG project that anyone can join! Create a character, participate in events, and get rewarded just for joining the community! What are you waiting for? Dive on in!



Create your own character, develop them, watch them grow! There's many species to pick from and more will be added with time! There are a few free options to start you off in the world! You can create one Scarce character for free, and you can create unlimited Plentiful characters for free. Which species will you create?


Use your character to participate in prompts and events, surprise others with gift content, or get lucky in raffles! There are plenty of ways to either accrue Sparkles or get a character out of the blue! Have fun, and get rewarded just for joining the community!


Join the discord server and talk to other players! Make new friends, discuss your characters, and build relationships in game and in chat!


Draw, write, pour your heart out, and feel free to show off your skills with other players! Maybe someone will even surprise you with something special if they adore your characters!




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