Submitting MYOs or Design Updates

Created: 29 August 2022, 20:02:39 UTC
Last updated: 15 December 2023, 19:02:25 UTC




Create Your Character

Visit the list of available species and select one to make. You need special items to make scarce species characters, but you can make as many plentiful characters as you like!

When you've selected your species, you can make your character. Just be sure to follow the species guidelines on the species pages, and the guidelines below.


Site Participation

Your character can't do prompts or participate in events until it is approved and on the masterlist!

You may still be able to borrow other users' characters to use, however.


Some species may have special guidelines listed on their pages as to what you can and cannot do when making a design!

These are the global rules that apply to all species, unless if stated otherwise.

  • MYOs must contain all common traits (unless if you obtain trait essences or rarer MYO tickets)
  • You must follow the trait guidelines on each species page, though there is some leeway between how they can look and display on your character. They don't have to be exact!
  • Designs can have any colors and markings!
  • Clothing and accessories are allowed to be freely added, but they cannot be enchanted, magical, etc. Clothing cannot have supernatural effects such as glowing, floating, elemental effects. Some special effects may be justified if the effect exists in the real world, such as glowing lights being possible due to LED lights.
  • Characters can have traits hidden by clothing or hair, but obscured areas should still have a visible reference on the side of the image.
  • You cannot copy or trace other users' art or designs, unless they give explicit permission to do so, and you have proof of their agreement.
  • Submitted images are preferred to be flat colored for reference’s sake, but shaded images can be allowed if the shading is minimal.
  • No overt references to copyrighted material or characters!

MYO Tickets

In order to submit your character, you'll need to get a MYO Ticket. You can get them from Zzeke's shop.

  • You can claim one Scarce Species ticket for free from the welcome gift, which lets you make a scarce species for free.
  • You can make any plentiful species slot for free from the MYO creation link.
  • You can buy more tickets or rarer tickets for sparkles.
Free Goods

If you're new, then you can claim a free gift set using code WELCOMETOMERLOT. It contains a random rarity of MYO ticket as well as a randomized trait essence.

Every week, you can also claim one gift from the glade. Maybe it'll contain something to help you!

Submitting your design

Once you have your tickets, and you've drawn your character, you can submit them. The process can be confusing at first, so let's take a visual look!



1. Consume your ticket

First, you'll want to consume the ticket to get a usable slot. You'll need to go to your inventory and click on the ticket, making sure you click the little check box!

You will not need to consume a ticket to submit for plentiful species if you wish to only create a common slot.

Plentiful slots automatically become usable slots!




2. Check the slot

Now you can go to your slot and submit the design.

You can reach the "My MYOs" page from the inventory page or by clicking "home" in the navbar and looking for "my MYO slots".

You may also access your slot right after creation by clicking "MYO slot" in the success message when you go to create your MYO.

There's no rush!

Once you've created a slot, there's no rush to use it. Your slots will not expire and you can always return to them at any time.



3. Visit the update page

Click on your slot and click "submit MYO design" to get started!



4. Create the update

Click on your slot and click "submit MYO design" to get started!

You should then be on the draft page and can begin filling out the form!



5. Fill the comments section

On the Comments page, you'll put... well, comments. Anything important you think mods would need to know about your design, such as items, etc. Make sure to visit the page and click Save anyway even if you don't have anything to add, you'll have to do this for every page moving forward.

Use Comments Liberally

The comments section exists to help you! If you have anything that you think you need to clarify or elaborate on, then use it to its fullest!



6. Upload the art

Then, you can upload your art. This will be the image displayed on the masterlist. It doesn't have to be perfect, but at least make sure everything of importance is visible. You need an image to be uploaded, you cannot submit with no image.

Check your file size!

Please make sure to upload an image that is not too large. An image that is no greater than 1000px tall or wide should be a good enough size. If your image is too large your submission may get rejected.



7. Add the add-ons

You can then add on your add-ons, such as trait essence or other items. Make sure you tick the checkboxes next to each item and then click save!

If you don't have anything to add, then click save anyway!






8. Add the traits

Then you can add the traits of your design. When some tickets are used, their rarity may be locked in, so a mod may have to edit that. Make sure to pick the right traits, if you missed anything then feel free to ask a mod to either push the submission back or add them in.

Traits are listed by species name, if there isn't one listed it's usually a global trait.

If you're done, you can click save and submit the draft!


You should be done now!

You can submit everything to be approved, but until then, this will just be a draft, and you can keep editing it or adding more until you're ready!

Updating your design

Updating a character design is always an option regardless of reason, such as if you want to re-upload art, edit art, change the design, upgrade traits, etc.

The process is very similar to uploading a MYO, so follow that guide if you have questions. You can find the design update button here:



Make sure to include all required items, updated traits, and art.

If you're making massive changes to your design, you may need items like Design Edit Mirrors, Makeover Mirrors, or Hue Shift Towels.

Small edits are ok, and just changing the art is always fine!

Alternate forms: Design Updates

Alternate forms can be updated, but they may need special items like Design Edit Mirrors, Makeover Mirrors, or Hue Shift Towels.

Small edits are ok, and just changing the art is always fine!

Rarity Category

Whenever you submit a MYO or design update, you'll be asked to list the rarity of your character. This should match the traits you currently have on the character, using the highest rarity as their rarity.

  • Character with 5 common traits and one unusual trait, still is listed as Unusual
  • character with all unusual traits is listed as unusual

The rarity should follow that of the rarity guide.

The standard rarities outrank the rarity previous, uncommon is rarer than common, etc. Unusual is the highest standard rarity.

Special rarities are usually considered as outranking all other rarities, but you don't have to list them as the highest rarity on your character if you don't want to. You can pick any special rarity you want to display on your character if you have more than one of them.

  • A character with 5 common traits and one event trait would be listed as event
  • a character with an event, divine, and quest trait could be listed as any of these, up to the owner's choice

If you can't list your character's rarity manually, then be sure to add your preferred rarity in the comments.

Bizarre rarities

These rarities don't exist as rarities and more of ways to catalog specific categories of traits, we don't recommend you using them to categorize your characters but... you can... if you want to?:

Submitting Transformations

When submitting a transformation, please keep the following in mind:

Same-Page Submissions:

    • Should have separate images showcasing the whole of the design, with no overlap or clutter.

Separate-Page Submissions:

    • Alternate forms should be submitted separately each time, to check for each form's traits and art properly.
    • The main image for the character should have no transformations listed.
    • For each transformation you upload, make sure to submit a new image with all required items attached to the submission.

For traits like ones that grant alternate forms (imp form, shifter etc.) you will have to include multiple drawings, one for each form (if you have multiple) as well as the base form. Make sure to list the appropriate trait changes if there are any, such as if a trait only shows in one form or another.

How to Upload

Existing Character

To upload, submit a design request as usual for your character, making sure to fill out the required information, images, traits, and addons. You can submit your request as normal, but make sure to inform the mods that this is an alternate form and not the main image. If your request looks good, it'll be uploaded as usual, and the mods will handle everything from there.

New Character

In some cases, a transformation may be gotten from a certain rarity of ticket, such as Event. In this case, then you may submit a character with its forms all at once so that you will not be required to consume extra items when you go to add the forms.

In the comments field, include a link to your planned transformation images, as well as list their traits. This way, staff will be able to pre-check them before the ticket is consumed and there will be little to no confusion. Your first uploaded image should be your character's main form, and then you may submit a design update to add its other forms once all the forms have been pre-approved.

Include a link to the approved MYO submission (The link should be similar to ) in the comments of your additional form uploads so that staff have proof of the pre-approval being completed and that you planned to add the forms to begin with.

Updating Transformations

If you want to update a transformation's design, you can do so at any time. Please note that updating a transformation will still require extra items if you are changing the design significantly.

If your transformation has many different traits, then you may submit an update for that transformation specifically by clicking on your character's "images" tab.

By clicking the "update design" button, the created design will fill in the chosen image's traits and features for you, saving you the time of having to re-upload them all.