Human / Anthro Drawing Guide

Created: 6 November 2022, 17:57:33 UTC
Last updated: 17 November 2023, 07:00:44 UTC

Artists of all backgrounds are welcomed to participate in this ARPG!

Below is a guide for including these forms on the masterlist.

If you have any questions, just ask!



Base Form

This is your original character with no modifications, it should be your reference point for drawing other forms.



Anthro Form

This is your character drawn in an anthropomorphic form, upright with a humanlike body.

  • It's essentially just the base form, but with different anatomy.
  • It should stay relatively similar to the base form, but you can make small changes, such as removing tails, wings, extra limbs, etc, if the design gets too cluttered.
  • Clothing is optional, but if drawn nude, please make sure no genitals are shown! Keep it PG 13!
  • The hands can vary in shape, they don't have to be humanlike, they can be paws, claws, hooves, or whatever your original character had.
  • You don't have to draw the legs as being digitigrade, you can also draw them as a human leg but with strange feet, or just human feet to begin with.


Human Form

This is your character interpreted as a human.

  • The design can stray heavily from the original design, obviously, but it should still be recognizable as the character.

Inhuman Features

Here's a list of ways you could try to make your human design look recognizable as still being the original design and not just a human (these are optional, you could have a perfectly normal human design if the traits of the character are still shown through accessories, eye color, hairstyle, etc.

  • Their eyes resemble the base form or are colored like the original
  • They have fangs, or teeth that resembles their base form
  • They have a tail
  • They have clawed hands or feet
  • They have "satyr" like legs
  • They have inhuman ears that resemble their base form
  • They have wings, antennae, horns, or whatever features that existed on the base form
  • They have tattoos or markings that resemble the base form's patterns or colors
  • Their skin is an unnatural color or shade
  • Their hair is an unnatural color or shape
  • They display unnatural magical features that fit their proficiency or innate magic

Special Case: Human-Only Uploads

To keep the purely-humanoid uploads more in-line with the site, these (and these only) should have a few strange features. (These are not required if the character has an original animal form.)

  • Eyes
  • Ears (If the species has them)
  • Tail
  • Other traits (optional)
  • Other inhuman features (as above, optional)

Uploading to the masterlist

  • You may add a human or anthro form to a character at any time for free.
  • You can upload a design as a human or anthro only.  There does not need to be an animal form.
  • The traits should resemble those of the main form, but they can be downgraded for free, or upgraded in the alternate form by using trait essence.
  • Humans themselves don't have traits, nor are they traited.
    • If given parts that match their species, they should match the rarity of their given slot.
  • Upload these forms like any other transformation when uploading to the masterlist.

Alternate forms in canon

It is up to you as the character's owner to decide if you wish for these forms to be canon to your character, or if they're solely for drawing/writing and experimentation purposes.

While not normally humanoid or anthro, the various species of Merlot have access to powerful and strange magic which may alter their form. Here are some examples of ways that you might make your character's human form canon, but you don't have to stick to these or even pick a reason at all:

  • They suffer a bizarre reverse-werewolf conundrum
  • An irate magician or witch laid a curse upon them
  • At some point, they obtained a magical object which they use to change their form
  • Form-shifting is commonplace and easily accessible for those who wish to walk among humans
  • They walked the world as a human in a past life, and their previous form clings to them in a strange way