What is Merlot?


Merlot is a planet that could be considered a parallel or linked version of our own Earth. Think of the parallel universe theory-- it is suggested that many upon many universes exist. For Merlot, this is definitely the case, and in fact it tends to regularly interact with these other universes, unknowingly or not.

Merlot is a semi-scientific world that has a strong blend of both the fantastical and the scientific. In Merlot, You may see things such as seasons, however there often tends to be a mythological or fantastical cause for it all. Everything in Merlot has a deep, underlying reason, however most are not aware of it all. Merlot itself is more magic and fantasy based and intertwines both science and whimsy.

While many concepts are shared between our worlds, some do tend to differ or have a different spin to them. Things are not always the same.