Getting Started

Created: 29 August 2022, 18:12:52 UTC
Last updated: 18 November 2023, 08:38:49 UTC


Getting Started

Welcome to the ARPG! Whether you’re here to look or participate, we’re glad to have you here!

This guide aims to cover the basics of how to join, create your character, and more. Let’s dive in!


Beginner Prompts

If you're truly new to this ARPG, as well as Lorekeeper-based ARPGs, then it's worth checking out the beginner prompts, which will tell you where to go, while also giving you useful tips. Sometimes learning through doing is easier than learning through reading!

Each one of these prompts can be completed once per person, you don't have to be new to complete them!

Get Your Character

To participate in World of Merlot, first, you need your character! We have a small selection of species to start with at first, but we plan to expand more with interest and time.


Want a design, but you’re not much of an artist? You can buy or trade for one, whether they’re made by mods, or obtained secondhand from others. Check out #trade-and-sell in the Discord and see if anyone will make a deal!


There are a few free options to start you off in the world! You can create one Scarce character for free, and you can create unlimited Plentiful characters for free. Which species will you create?

You can view the currently available species here.

Free Goods

If you're new, then you can claim a free gift set using code WELCOMETOMERLOT. It contains a random rarity of MYO ticket as well as a randomized trait essence.

Every week, you can also claim one gift from the glade. Maybe it'll contain something to help you!


Join in events or prompts, surprise others with gift content, or get lucky in raffles! There are plenty of ways to either accrue Sparkles or get a character out of the blue! Have fun, and get rewarded just for joining the community!

Official raffles are often held in the Discord, and sometimes users even host their own raffles there too! There's always a chance to get lucky!

Create Your Character

Visit the list of available species and select one to make. You can create one scarce species character for free using your given gift box, but you can make as many plentiful characters as you like! You can start by making either at first, just pick whichever you like!

When you've selected your species, you can make your character. Just be sure to follow the species guidelines on the page, and the following guidelines below.

  • MYOs must contain all common traits (unless if you obtain trait tickets, rarer MYO tickets, or trait items)
  • You must follow the anatomy and trait guidelines detailed on each species page


When you've drawn your character, or had someone draw it for you, you can submit it for approval. You can do this by using a MYO Ticket, which you can get from Zzeke's shop. Fill out all the required information and wait for approval!

A guide on how to submit MYOs is here.

Once it's been accepted, you can participate in all current prompts and events with that character!

Join Prompts

Joining prompts earns you rewards like Sparkles and sometimes other things! Once you have your character, visit the prompt page to find out how you can join! You can even join prompts with other user's characters if you'd like!

Visit Shops

Go and check out the shops to see if you can buy anything! Some shops might have free stuff that you can claim, so it's worth looking, not only to get free things, but to familiarize yourself with what each shop does and sells.
  • Maxwell sells Trait Essences that let you upgrade the traits of your character into something rarer. They're one time use only!
  • Zzeke sells MYO Tickets that let you create a character of any type with traits of that rarity and below! Why not add more to your crew?
  • Uzumaki sells rare and exclusive items that are hard to find, why not pay him a visit soon?
  • Teagan sells Flair Megaphones that let you apply cosmetic titles to your characters.
  • Bonnie and Beau sell pets that can be given to your characters, as well as items that can be used to augment these pets.
  • Jasmine's Glade is full of donated items that can be claimed for free once a week.
  • If you want to be as nice as other people, you can donate items and use the currency gained from that in Jasmine's other shop.

Earn Sparkles

Learn to earn sparkles here, which can buy you more items.

More Questions?

If you still have questions, you can visit the discord and ask in the #help channel. We're happy to help you out!

You can see even more guides by checking here and seeing what there is to read about.


An official page of resources is here, which consists of free bases, references to search for drawing your character, and more.

You can view more resources from players in the bases and resources section in the gallery. Feel free to contribute anything you want!