Thanks to everyone at the Lorekeeper team for making this site possible, as well as these people:


Writing for certain pages and prompts.

Nilutopia, Toxous


Art assets for site art


Core Extensions

These extensions were coded by the Lorekeeper community and are now a part of core Lorekeeper.

Installed Extensions

These extensions have been added to this site.

Advent Calendars v. 1.0.1 by Mercury

Alternate Trait Types v. 1.1.1 by Mercury

Awards v. 1.3.0 by Uri, TGI

Batch Visibility v. 1.0.0 by Uri

Birthday Rewards v. 1.2.0 by CH3RVB, Moif

Books v. 1.0.0 by CH3RVB

Character Backgrounds v. 1.0.0 by Uri

Character Drops v. 1.0.1 by Mercury

Character Profile Custom Values v. 1.0.0 by Pure09

Character Skills v. 1.0.0 by Newt

Character Titles v. 1.1.2 by Mercury

Character Transformations v. 1.0.0 by CH3RVB, Newt

Choice Box Tag v. 1.0.0 by Mercury

Claymores and Companions v. 1.1.0 by Newt, Mercury, Uri

Crafting System v. 1.0.0 by Draginraptor, Uri, Newt

Dailies v. 2.0.0 by Cylunny

Deactivate Account v. 1.0.0 by Uri

Dev Logs v. 1.0.0 by AnimatedCritter

Donation Shop v. 1.2.3 by Mercury

Elemental Typing v. 1.0.0 by Newt

Emotes v. 1.1.0 by CH3RVB

Encyclopedia Loot Tables v. 1.0.0 by AnimatedCritter

Event Tools v. 1.1.0 by Mercury

Extension Tracker v. 1.4.0 by Uri

Forums v. 1.0.0 by Uri

Free MYOs v. 1.0.0 by AnimatedCritter

Gift Art Notifications v. 1.0.0 by AnimatedCritter

Levels %26 Stats v. 1.0.0 by Newt

LiveClock v. 1.0.4 by Speedy

Mini Clock v. 1.0.0 by Newt

Oekaki v. 1.0.0 by Newt, Nicholas Sherlock

Pets v. 1.2.0 by Newt

Prompt Prerequisites v. 1.0.0 by Newt

Random Spotlight v. 1.0.2 by Speedy

Safety Deposit Box v. 1.0.0 by Uri

Scavenger Hunts v. 1.0.2 by Mercury

Second Subtype v. 1.0.1 by Mercury

Sellable Characters v. 1.5.0 by Ne-wt

Shop Features v. 1.0.3 by Newt

Staff Team Page v. 1.0.0 by AnimatedCritter

Status Effects v. 1.0.2 by Mercury

Supporters v. 1.0.0 by Newt

Theme Manager v. 2.0.0 by Uri, Cylunny, moif

Trade Listings v. 1.0.1 by Mercury

Trait Prompt Reward v. 1.0.0 by CH3RVB

User Borders v. 1.0.0 by CH3RVB, LostInProgres

User Pronouns v. 1.0.0 by AnimatedCritter

Wishlists v. 1.3.2 by Mercury

World Expansion v. 1.3.1 by Uri, Mercury