Created: 24 August 2022, 14:31:53 UTC
Last updated: 17 November 2023, 07:20:14 UTC


These rarities operate on a sliding scale, with each newer one outclassing the previous one. Get traits from this rarity from MYO tickets, or trait essences. You can swap these traits for traits of the same rarity, or downgrade them to lower.


These rarities do not operate on a sliding scale, each one is separate from the others. These are typically reserved for events, quests, and other things. You can't swap these traits for other traits, whether they're in the same rarity or not, without another item.

  • Innate
    • Obtained from innate magic quests
  • Event
    • Obtained from events
  • Divine
    • Obtained from divine quests
  • Quest
    • Obtained from other quests


These rarities don't exist as rarities and more of ways to catalog specific categories of traits, we don't recommend you using them to categorize your characters but... you can... if you want to?: