Item Categories

<a href="" class="display-category">Box</a>


Boxes that contain various items. What a surprise!

<a href=" Essence" class="display-category">Trait Essence</a>

Trait Essence

Trait Essence allows you to apply rarer traits to your character. They're one of the main ways to add special traits, but they're only really good if you want to add one or two traits of a certain rarity. If you want to make something with a lot of rare traits, consider using a MYO Ticket.

Some items in this category can apply traits that are exclusive to that specific item, with no other way to get them, even from a MYO slot.

<a href=" Material" class="display-category">Crafting Material</a>

Crafting Material

Materials used to craft items.

Read the crafting guide here: TBA

<a href=" Item" class="display-category">Event Item</a>

Event Item

Items from various events.

<a href=" Bell" class="display-category">Companion Bell</a>

Companion Bell

These items provide companions when opened.

<a href=" Megaphone" class="display-category">Flair Megaphone</a>

Flair Megaphone

Items that can apply flairs to characters.

<a href="" class="display-category">Trinkets</a>


Trinkets are items that (usually) don't have a functional use. They're used to put in character inventories to show their personality.

<a href="" class="display-category">Ticket</a>


These tickets allow you to either create a character, or request a custom.


A special type of item that lets you redeem discounts on shop items.


Tools that must be obtained to perform certain tasks.

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