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<a href=" Kitterpillar" class="display-subcategory">Echinata Kitterpillar</a>

Echinata Kitterpillar

These kiterpillars are either prickly or bristly, but their texture isn't usually enough to harm, especially with their small size.  They can be petted comfortably so long as you don't try to ruffle their fur!

<a href=" Kitterpillar" class="display-subcategory">Crassum Kitterpillar</a>

Crassum Kitterpillar

These kitterpillars are short, stout, and covered in peach fuzz. They often have bioluminescent spots or glowing antennae!

<a href=" Kitterpillar" class="display-subcategory">Elegans Kitterpillar</a>

Elegans Kitterpillar

These kitterpillars can be wildly fluffy, with bright coat colors. They often have long bristles or featherlike tufts.

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