" Blooms spring forth from the earth. "


Starts: Apr 1
Ends: Jul 1

Spring is here!

The season is in full-force, bringing with it multiple new themed items and companions. Why not see what new things have appeared?

Cal's Shop

Cal is stocking a new spring-themed sticker pack for the season of spring.  He's also stocking a new sticker type-- the Spring Crown Sticker and its Foil variant. These stickers aren't part of the spring sticker set itself, but you still might want to get one of each for the future...

Like other sticker sets, this one comes with new collections and awards. How fast can you complete them?

Jasmine's Glade claims

Stocking in the glade shop are new friends: Bumby and its variants, and Bun and its variants. This sweet duo will be around for the entire season of spring.

These new friends are debuting with new collections to celebrate their arrival!

Peep Predicament

During the season of spring, you can complete a new prompt, Peep Predicament, to meet and care for a little peep!

End of Spring

Spring will end--and summer-themed goodies will rotate in-- at July 1st 00:00:00.

Cycling out of the site at this time-- until next spring -- will be:

  • Bumby and its variants
  • Bun and its variants
  • Spring Sticker Pack
  • Spring Crown Sticker and its Foil variant
  • Peep Predicament
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